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Welcome to {{var store.getFrontendName()}}.

To log in when visiting our site just click Login or My Account at the top of every page, and then enter your email address and password.

Use the following values when prompted to log in:
Email: {{var}}

Providing customisation details/message for your order:

Once you place any orders which require customisation you may need to log into your account and follow these simple steps

  • STEP 1: >> Log-in to your account and click the DESIGN YOUR ORDER
  • STEP 2: >> Select the Order number from the drop down box , the required customisation fields will show
  • STEP 3: >> Enter your required printed message's and enter any comments at the bottom
  • STEP 4: >> Click Submit and await your order
  • As simple as that, you will then be able to see the status of your order and we will notify you should we need any more information from you. Please note order must be paid for in advance before you are able to submit any details.

Also in to your account, you will be able to do the following:

  • Proceed through checkout faster when making a purchase
  • Check the status of orders
  • Submit order tickets
  • View past orders
  • Customize Orders
  • Make changes to your account information
  • Change your password
  • Store alternative addresses (for shipping to multiple family members and friends!)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at {{var store_email}} {{depend store_phone}} or by phone at {{var store_phone}}{{/depend}}.